Metanoia: The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, or self. ”

Q. So what is Metanoia anyway? 
A. Metanoia is my latest endeavour, a collection of 7 separate EPs.  
I'm writing/recording one a month from June-December. My musical journal for 2016. 

Q. How can I follow along?
A. On Spotify, Bandcamp,
iTunes, or pretty much anywhere that you get your music online. I'm releasing one EP a month, but members of my Fan Club get early access to everything I make (plus my entire discography). 

Q. Wait, a Fan Club? What's that all about?
A. If you enjoy my music, there are several ways you can support it. You can share it on social media with your friends, you can discuss it on your own blog or website, or you can support it directly. The Fan Club is the most direct and personal way to support me. Members get early access to all the new music I release, plus my entire back-catalog, supporter-only covers songs and instrumental tracks, exclusive access to my fan community, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting me in a sustainable way.


Metanoia, Pt. I

Released June 6th


Metanoia, Pt. II

Released July 4th


Metanoia, Pt. III

Coming August 1st

Available to Fan Club now


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