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The Path 

Stoked to find out that my song "Better & Better" was featured on tonight's episode of The Path (season 2, episode 9). If you aren't already watching this show, I highly recommend it. 

You can stream "Better & Better" HERE

Metanoia, Pt. VI ... just in time!  

METANOIA, PT. VI is here!

Yikes! I just barely made my self-imposed deadline this time. These EPs are getting harder each month, as I fall a little more behind schedule with each release. I'm learning a lot as I go, and losing a little bit of sanity each time (only half kidding!).

Tomorrow I start writing songs for the final EP, Part VII. Thank YOU for following along with me on this crazy journey. Almost there! 

Metanoia Playlist, Spotify:​
Google Play:

Before Mars, I Might Be Wrong 

Proud to have my song "I Might be Wrong" featured in the new National Geographic short film Before Mars.

Produced by Variable, "Before Mars" complements the highly anticipated National Geographic global event series "Mars" premiering on Monday, November 14th at 9/8c from Academy Award and Emmy-winning producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Michael Rosenberg.

You can watch the short film here, and listen to the song here

How to Get Away With Murder 

Very excited to have my remix of Son Lux track "Let Go" featured on last night's episode of How to Get Away With Murder. 
Season 3, episode 5. The song starts at around 15:40 and goes till about 19:00.
You can stream the song here


"Hell?" Rotoscoped Music Video 

I'm very excited to finally share the music video for my song "Hell?". My friend Dylan Ranney did over 2,000 drawings for this rotoscoped video. The end result is something totally unique and beautiful. I think he captured the spirit of the song perfectly. I hope you enjoy it and share it with others who might enjoy it.