Canadian musician Andrew Judah is obsessed with two things. Painting with sound, and the search for meaning. A restless creator, known for his combination of memorable pop melodies and complex musical arrangements. 

Andrew follows up 2017s sprawling twenty-two track epic "Metanoia" with a tongue in cheek new single, "Best in Show". Named after what is essentially a beauty pageant for dogs, the song gives voice to his inner critic. "Who really cares about the words these days. Nobody listens to ‘em anyway. Except for you, you do." 

Andrews music has been featured on tv shows “The Path”, “Shadowhunters”, “How to Get Away With Murder”, National Geographic’s “Before Mars” and others. He has also written songs and composed original music for Disney, ABC, Audi, Lincoln, Google, Adidas, Cadillac, Toyota, and many others.



"...surrounds you with all its colors and textures and kind of lets you wander around in there, just taking it all in." - Minored In Music 

“Andrew creates some of the most interesting indie-pop out there." - Hugh McIntyre, BuzzFeed 

"...a musical journey from start to finish" - EARMILK 

“Andrew is a fearless and meticulous composer, unafraid to throw seemingly incompatible sounds into the blender and able to pull forth something tasty.” -  Sam McLoughlin, Indie Shuffle 

"This British Columbia multi-instrumentalist is the best songwriter you haven’t heard yet." - New Noise Magazine

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