Released December 10, 2011  

Albino Black Bear was written and performed by Andrew Judah on Vocals, Old Guitars, New Guitars, Blue Drums, Broken Bass, Craigslist Harmochord, Children's Keyboard, Grownup Piano, Dirty Harmonica, Fake Ukulele, Neglected Lap Steal, Toy Glockenspiel, Orange Shaker, Black Tambourine, Tangled Chimes, Auto-Tuned Wine Glasses and Mccartney Mouth Trumpets.  
Joshua Clark adds his Twisted Thoughts, Chipped Telecaster, Haunting Voice, and plays the Kitchen Sink.  
Zach Kopczyk adds Pirate Vocals to Purge.  
Heavy Rainfall & Chirping Birds performed by Nature. Radio Chatter courtesy of unshielded patch cables.  
- For Albus  

All songs written and recorded by Andrew Judah  
Cover art by Max Weiner  
Mastered by Carl Saff