dry kiss

March 12 - 2021

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“Andrew Judah’s 6th full-length album, ‘dry kiss’, was written and recorded during the darkest days of 2020. Blending autobiographical material with absurdist musings on the present tense, ‘dry kiss’ ventures into both new sonic and lyrical territory. With Judah’s familiar electric guitar taking a backseat, ‘dry kiss’ gives way to a palette of upright piano, hollow body bass, down-tuned nylon-string guitar, and tea towel drums. True to 2020, all the instruments—save for the violin—were performed by Judah himself.” 


All songs written, performed, recorded, engineered, arranged & mixed by Andrew Judah at Sounds Suspicious in Kelowna, BC 

Produced by Andrew Judah & Joshua Clark 

Guest Vocalists: 
Sarah Clark of the group Joy Robber (1,2,5,7,8,10,11) 
Joshua Clark of the group Joy Robber (1,8,10,11) 
Caleb McAlpine, aka Common Fires (9) 
N. Sherman (9) 

Violin performed by Chloe Davidson (1,4,6,7,9,10,11) 

Group vocals performed by members of the Sounds Suspicious Collective: 
Anthony Martens (ICELANDIA) 
Caleb McAlpine (Common Fires) 
Chelsea Balzer (Sean Waters) 
Chloe Davidson (Chloe Davidson) 
C. Myraas (Windmills) 
Matteo Neufeld (Rinnovare) 
Nathanael Sherman (N. Sherman) 
Shawn Wickenheiser (Sean Waters) 

Album art, layout, design by Andrew Judah 

Mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering