April 20th, 2020


Released April 20th, 2020

On Impossible Staircase, Canadian singer/songwriter Andrew Judah puts us inside the mind of a person struggling with addiction. “The song that started it all was Best In Show”, recalls Andrew. “It was an older idea that I decided to finish and release as a single. The lyrics sort of just poured out of me on an improvised vocal take. It felt sincere, so I pulled on that thread a little harder.
"This led me down a path of writing a bunch of songs about a close friend who was struggling with addiction. I wrote from various perspectives, observing my feelings, the feelings of those more directly affected, and the thoughts and feelings of a person who is both the confident driver and the unwilling passenger of a full-on train-wreck. One of the initial concepts for this record was the emphasis on the idea of feedback loops. Researching this led to me stumbling down a rabbit hole one evening. I eventually landed on an MC Esher painting titled “Ascending and Descending”, which prominently features a set of Penrose steps--also called the ‘Impossible Staircase’. It felt like a fitting image for an album focused on the experience of somebody trapped in a feedback loop.”