"The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life"


Writing music can be like painting in the dark. There is a lot of uncertainty involved. To me, if an artist knows exactly what they want to say, then they aren’t reaching beyond their own understanding, they are preaching. Which is the domain of politics or religion. Music can touch on those subjects but is something else entirely. 

Metanoia began as a concept - a series of 7 EP’s over 7 months. Each EP was written, recorded, produced and released one month at a time. The intention was to see what would happen if I removed the luxury of time from my creative process.  

These self-imposed deadlines produced some unique results. The time constraints forced me down certain paths I might have otherwise avoided. I am not a perfectionist, but I am very particular about my music.  

One example would be the song “Through You”. It features several elements that are outside of my wheelhouse. It is upbeat and somewhat danceable. The vocals are very processed. Not auto-tune, but a similar effect. It is part “remix” and features many resampled elements from another track from the Metanoia series, “Blinding Light”. Ironically, this is one of my favourite tracks on the album. I would have scrapped it or gone in a totally different direction with it, had I given myself the time to do so. 

The studio is my playground. I love production and arrangement. I am a multi-instrumentalist, and with the help of my good friend Zac Gauthier (Drums), the music part came easy. 

The most difficult part for me is always the lyrics. I wanted this album to be very personal and honest. At times I wrote about my struggles with belief in a higher power, and at other times I wrote about struggling to believe in myself. 

So here they are. Imperfect, honest, and finished. All 22 tracks, remastered and compiled into a full-length album. I’m very proud of this album and I hope you enjoy it. - Andrew Judah


Written & recorded by Andrew Judah at his home in Kelowna, BC  
Produced by Andrew Judah & Zac Gauthier  
Sounds Suspicious Music Publishing (SOCAN)  
Drums performed by Zac Gauthier  
Upright bass on "Blinding Light" performed by Jonathan Tromsness  
Art, design & extra vocals on "Nothing but Questions" by Anthony Martens  
Originally released as a 7 part EP series between  
June 6, 2016, and April 7, 2017  

Thank You