Monster was written and performed by Andrew Judah on Vocals, Canadian Guitars, Small Red Bass, My Dearest Banjo, Tons of Effect Pedals, Grumpy Old Piano, New Clean Harmonica, Sharpied 80s Omnichord, Stupid Rented Trumpet, Broken Floor Tom, Black Tambourine, Jingle Bells, Fancy Finger Cymbals, Overpriced Nord, Pots and Pans, Shaky Shakers, Dirty 808 and Diva Synthesizer. Most of what sounds like a synth is a guitar with fx or a banjo with a bow.  

All songs written & recorded by Andrew Judah  
at his house in Kelowna, BC (Aug 2013 - July 2014)  
Sounds Suspicious Music Publishing (SOCAN)  

Drums & strong opinions - Paul Clark  
Paul’s drums were engineered by Jamie Prentice at Bottega Studio  
Special Thanks to David Krysko for letting us use your beautiful space 

Extra vocals on track 4 and 8 by Joshua Clark and Max Weiner  
Cover illustration by Max Weiner  
Mastered by T.W. Walsh

Notes on the Making of Monster.