Dawn Patrol

I've decided to revive my blog - as I've really been growing tired of social media this past couple of years. Ironically, my latest single, "Dawn Patrol" is a result of an Instagram experiment of sorts. 

"Dawn Patrol" has been out for two weeks. It's a pretty random song. The track was started back in 2015, for an album project that I scrapped - right before I began tracking for my 7 part EP series/concept album, Metanoia... I gave up on the song because I disliked the lyrics and vocal melody I had at the time. 

I decided to revive it in the summer of 2021. I changed the key, wrote new melodies and went hunting for lyrical ideas. I posted on Instagram asking for people to send me random personal stories or weird facts, anything I could use for inspiration. I took some of those and used them as inspiration for the lyrics - so if you sent me something (you know who you are) thank you! 

My friend Steve Cogbill put together a lyric video for it that is pretty absurd, here it is: