1. Andrew Judah is a songwriter and recording artist

  2. He's a Composer and has written a lot of music for ads, documentaries, movies, etc. If you've got a project you think Andrew might be the right fit for, please don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project

  3. He's a Producer who helps other artists make records. He recently started a "Label" for these artists and their records, it's called Sounds Suspicious Collective 

  4. He also makes ambient music under the name Cultus 

"Begin Again" is out now 

I wrote this song during a time of significant changes in my life. The end of a 15-year relationship caused a ripple effect, and I'm still riding those waves. The lyrics draw from that experience and are some of the most personal I've ever written (despite containing very few pronouns). Thanks for listening. More music very soon. Love you all - Andrew

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The cover photograph was taken by Andrew on a Holga 120N, in Kelowna, BC

Latest Score: This is Home: Henrique Avancini | SHIMANO 

My latest scoring work is for director Harrison Mendel - got to do a nice blend of ambient and electronic/organic beats for this one. There is a shot of Henrique (the cyclist featured in the video) playing the ukulele, so I decided to use my 'gitalele' (6 string uke/guitar hybrid) quite a lot in the score. I've done a fair number of scores for Harrison now... and I have to admit, I'm very tempted to get into mountain biking...

Dawn Patrol 

I've decided to revive my blog - as I've really been growing tired of social media this past couple of years. Ironically, my latest single, "Dawn Patrol" is a result of an Instagram experiment of sorts. 

"Dawn Patrol" has been out for two weeks. It's a pretty random song. The track was started back in 2015, for an album project that I scrapped - right before I began tracking for my 7 part EP series/concept album, Metanoia... I gave up on the song because I disliked the lyrics and vocal melody I had at the time. 

I decided to revive it in the summer of 2021. I changed the key, wrote new melodies and went hunting for lyrical ideas. I posted on Instagram asking for people to send me random personal stories or weird facts, anything I could use for inspiration. I took some of those and used them as inspiration for the lyrics - so if you sent me something (you know who you are) thank you! 

My friend Steve Cogbill put together a lyric video for it that is pretty absurd, here it is: 

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